Original Marines Lebanon - Kids Clothes in Lebanon - Kids Stores in Lebanon
Why open an Original Marines franchise store?

Because for nearly 30 years Original Marines has been reliable and successful; Because the Original Marines brand is famous abroad and its products will sell; Because the Original Marines fashion collections are designed for all the family and therefore have a heterogeneous and varied target: the stores are Family Stores and every member of the family – parents, teenagers, children – can find clothes suitable for them; The Original Marines products have very convenient prices compared to other products of the same kind; Because every Original Marines store is part of an economically successful business and is backed by a group ensuring stability, safety and all the necessary support; Finally, the Original Marines collections are always fashionable because they adapt to the current trends and people’s tastes.

To get more info, please email us: info@lifcosal.com

Original Marines is a brand distributed by Imap Export spa - Freephone: 800886057 - P. IVA 01303501215